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I thought it was going to take a year or two at most, until I met my girlfriend and we started playing. After a year of the first album, we played with her a lot and eventually her family came to visit. We stopped playing and became friends again. She was really supportive, and I really made some progress. I feel like I still haven’t fully reached that level. That’s the whole reason why you’re hearing my songs now. I was really excited for the second album, and as always, I feel like those songs should be out there already, but I don’t have the luxury of an album to work on. It’s been a good process because, since I played the records I wrote in my bedroom, so many new things started coming out, and I’m trying to take a step backwards after the second album to move right back into the rhythm of what I write and produce. There’s still a lot that I’m doing – it’s just taking the time to let stuff develop, because I want to get back to my previous level of quality. It also helps with the recording as well. When you make a full-length album it’s important to keep it fresh, because, even though you put so much into it, you’re only going to end up with one of 20-odd songs on your album. When you take an EP or EP-length record that you recorded in three or four months and put it out, then the quality takes off. When I get my new record out, I plan on working on it, and I try to listen to it a lot, even though it’s not my main obsession. When you’re working on your new record, it’s good to not have to worry about the quality. You have the tools to make something really great. I think if the people who are interested in listening to new music are willing to listen to it all the way through, then we’re all in a really good position.

In terms of timing for the upcoming album, when you are putting songs together is your philosophy?

Well, we’re already doing all of this. I was getting ready for a few months before I would be recording. I do play on it once a week at least, and that’s not at all normal for me to do. I think it’s important to keep in mind, even when I’m putting out an album, that it will be a long time before everybody hears it if you don’t give them something that’s really good

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