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For the latest on the latest U.S.-Russia military activity in Syria, click here.

The Russian military has launched an airstrike in the northwestern province of Latakia, Syrian media said Friday. The Russian Defense Ministry said the airstrike hit an ISIS militant stronghold and destroyed a mobile headquarters.

The bombing comes just two days after President Donald Trump said Russia could stop “meddling” in Syria, when pressed by a Syrian TV journalist. Russia has long said it does not interfere in Syria’s civil war. The U.S. has accused Russia of bombing both ISIS and Kurdish-led forces fighting for control of the country.

The Russian military is widely believed to have launched its airstrike after a Syrian Su-22 fighter jet shot another one down near Latakia, according to Russian media reports. U.S. military officials said the Su-22 jet was targeted because it was violating Syrian airspace, but President Trump later denied that was the case.

On Tuesday, an American warship fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield in response to what the U.S. described as a chemical weapons attack by the government of Bashar Assad. Russia said it did not violate its own air space.

Russia’s Air Force has repeatedly targeted U.S.-backed forces fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad and U.S.- backed forces opposed to ISIS, which have the same goal of defeating ISIS, including destroying their oil production. The Pentagon has said that Russia’s actions have had an impact that is difficult to measure.

Earlier this month, U.S. intelligence officials told CBS News’ Major Garrett that Russian and Syrian military airstrikes against Syrian civilians, including civilians killed by Russian airstrikes, have led to the deaths of at least 60 civilians, including women and children, in Idlib Province.

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