How long does it take to become good at guitar? – How To Learn Play Guitar Free

“This is kind of where I’m at with guitar and just learning the music. It’s a long process and for me it’s more of the learning process than the playing process. The music’s a little different than, you know, the music that I listen to and play. This is something different. I’ll write a chord melody or something and have it as my background melody or whatever. Just trying to figure out this stuff and figuring out how to play in that. That’s what’s super important to me. I know the key and I can play chords and chords are the foundation for everything. I want to build to higher and higher levels of playing so that when I get to do that I can really feel the emotion or the feeling of the music. It’s like I think the best thing about being a musician is that you get the feeling of the music even if it’s a bit silly so that’s my goal. That’s what I’m trying to do for right now.”

Will you ever be an opera singer or anything like that?

“I play the guitar like a harpsichord but I don’t play it that way necessarily. I just play it as well as I can and let all the instruments tell me what to do as far as the melody part and melody is the foundation of everything and I want to play that even if I play it a little bit weird that’s ok. That’s how I feel it, that’s how I’m playing it so I have to do whatever feels good. Like there’s a song out there that I heard called ‘Temptation’ and it sounds like I’m trying to make this sound like something like ‘Stairway to Heaven’ like like there’s these little twirls and that kinda guitar sound and a guitar voice and stuff like that. In some ways it’s like I’m playing this thing I made that’s my take on how it should be. The vocals are in a way a little bit my own stuff because it’s not me singing. I’m singing as well as I could but I kind of sing the chord melody first and I think like every song I try to play in my head and get into what would be fun for me to do or what makes sense, what makes me a good performer. Like on an album I feel like that’s the main focus. That’s why I’m going to put it in one song at a time. Usually you’ll have an album with an overall theme or an overall concept and

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