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I’m assuming you don’t really know, eh?

Well, C does sound good but I’m not sure how the sound makes you feel. I’ve found that it makes me feel a lot of different things when I listen to C. It can be a little bit of an escape, a little bit of a relief, and as it goes on you’re more and more impressed and astonished by the amazing things you feel you can do, like playing C. It can start to take on the colour of some of these other, more abstract solos and that’s what I think you did.

Are you working on any more solo albums at the moment?

Yes, I’m on the first album of a solo record that I’m writing. We’ll see what happens. There are three or four songs in total and each one is about 15 minutes long. I’m playing acoustic guitar and it will be for people that have heard me play acoustic guitar before and I can’t wait to show it to them…

Have you recorded anything in a studio yourself in the past?

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One of my most amazing memories of recording C is that the musicians, who normally record solo albums, used the studio in a different part of London to make it sound like it was a recording on a classical album…I remember when I’d heard that, I thought, “that could be a recording!” If it hadn’t been so loud, that would have been a lot quieter. I remember we were in the studio playing C and then one of the musicians came in and said “do you play classical?” And he said “yes” and I thought that was a great piece of news. And then all the musicians started to sing it. Because it was such a good piece. I went to the mastering engineer and said “this is great! This really should be a record”

It’s hard to think of C as a classical album at first, because it’s got this great jazz sound going on, but if you listen, it’s very much a piece of music composed as a solo act.

It is, is the main thing. I had planned it to be an instrumental album because I wanted it to sound as though it were made by one person, although it’s a really nice piece of music and I think it would have been an interesting mix, especially if we’d put in jazz too. But the main thing was that it needed one guitar part only. So I tried writing it as a solo piece and

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