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I don’t know the chord progression, I just know you play C.

Guitarists who’ve played C are the most common C players to play C.

If you want to learn how to play C, or learn a good chord progression to play C, check out my Beginner’s Guide to Playing C.

When to Play C

In the key of C, G, you can play G in the key of G, and then you can play C. If you are having trouble with C notes on the fretboard, or want to use your fingers to better develop your fingers, this chord progression works great.

If, on the other hand, your fingers are the problem, then you can go into step 3 .
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2 Chord Chords for the C Minus Minor Major Minor Major Minor 7th 5th Major Major 7th Minor Minor 6th

If, for example, the C I7 chord in the key of C is written Gm7 you need to play the Gm7 chord on your guitar.

A quick test to see if you can play the Gm7 chord on your guitar can be performed as follows:

G = Gm7

C = Cmin7

Here is a video showing you how to play the Gm7 chord, to check if your fingers can handle C in the key of C.

If you can’t play the Gm7 chord the Gm/7 chord can be played in the same way, as a minor pentatonic chord, which is written in Bb major as C7\Gbm7.

Here is a video showing how to play that same chord to compare how well you can handle the C in the key of C

C-Minus minor in the key of C Gm7 G E7 (B) C G Em7 (B) C G B7 B Gm7 Ebm7 Am7 C7\Gbm7 (B-Am-7) Bm7 B E7 D7 (E) Bm-7 E7 D7 Cm7

What do you think? Which technique works better? Do you know of a song that can use C-Minus major or Cminor minor? And what other chord progressions have you come across that are a good way to learn the C Major chords?

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