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 Do u have to tune a bass?  If so, how?  How do u tune a string?  I like to think of tuner strings as little computers.  If the tuner is not used very often, it will usually be easy to tune the guitar to the proper pitch.
 Here’s my own tuner, with a couple of switches so I can program multiple tuners for a guitar, for example.  To switch between two tuners, I put a jumper between the switches, and press the button in between the switches.  Press the button three times as this should cycle through all four tuners in the order that I have programmed them.  I will try to make it a little more visually appealing here, but you can probably tell that I’m a bit of an amateur at this point.
So far I have two tuners, plus a third that does everything, but lets call it “the other tuner.” The second tuner can be used on any guitar.  I have one on the back of a guitar, and one on the front of the guitar.  This tuner is probably most important to a few players, but it shouldn’t take too much learning to use on all kinds of instruments – even if it takes you a month or two.
Once the string gets to “flat,” it is not as useful.  I use a small amount of tuning wire tied to a small nut on the rear of my bass and attach the other end of the tuning wire to a smaller nut in the neck section of the guitar.  It’s a bit of a compromise, but I think it’s better than having to adjust a string, since I can keep the string just right every time.

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