How do I pick a guitar? – Should I Learn Guitar Or Bass First

We suggest you listen to our guitar buying guide from the very beginning. This includes the best guitars you can buy nowadays, the best electric guitars, the best acoustic guitars, and so on.

Is it all or nothing?

Not a complete guide – there are a lot of variations on what you can find in a guitar shop, and we may not even have a full guide. But it will work as a good starting point.

Can you make a guitar for me?

We are able to handmake guitars and other items if you are willing to have a guitar made for you. We have a range of materials to choose from, including wood and metal, metal, plastic and more.

Do you offer shipping to Australia?

No, we do not offer shipping to the mainland, however, if your item is in the continental US we can offer the US postage for a fee.

Will you get the guitar to me in the same condition as it was when received?

Yes, our guitars are in a very good condition. We have a few exceptions, but this applies to all our guitars in all markets.

Is it a custom made?

Yes, but it may take up to 2 weeks to receive the guitars.

What guitars do you offer?
Flatpicking Guitar Songs - Watch & Learn

We have a range of great instruments and the products available are as varied as the bands they have inspired.

Are you happy to ship from Australia?

We accept the import duties of every country in the world.

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