How do I pick a guitar?

A guitar with a low fretboard is a great guitar to play in both a classical and a rock-and-roll sense.

One of the reasons classical guitar players love the low fretboard is that their range is narrow, and a low-fret range is the ultimate in musical flexibility. A lower fretboard also allows for a shorter string length which results in easier fretting and easier strumming.

A great guitar sound can be achieved using a wide range of strings. Many pianists try low strings and high string.

It is easier for them to understand that a low string tone is in tune more readily while a high string tone is not.

But what if a player can play any scale over any string? Most players can’t even play the scale pattern from the song “All My Loving”.

For a beginner there are no low strings and no high strings. Why? Because all the higher string players know is that a low string is always wrong. The high strings are good for making big high note noises as well as being good at playing chord progressions, but not as good as a low-fret range.

So for players who cannot play the key of C over D, they get a lot of confusion over which string is higher.

I am trying to teach my students a new melody melody and I play a F-F chord at 2nd position of the song, but the music says Bm and not Cm. What should I do?

In classical guitar the B and C notes are always in the same spot. That means to play a Cm or Bm, you must have the finger on the C strings.

The only chord you could play is the one from the key of E. Therefore the fretboard is the best place to play the E and B notes in any key, and no one has to get all confused.

So even when you learn a new melody melody for a pop song, you can keep the finger on the C strings until you play the song to see if the Cs make any difference as to what note you play.

What are some good guitar chords/scales that I should use for learning music?

There are no “best chords” for lessons. Most new players learn the songs themselves as they go and learn what songs are good and what songs are not. So there are not “best chords” to learn. This is why you should be prepared to learn