How do I pick a beginners guitar? – Learn To Play Bass Guitar For Beginners Free

The first important thing in picking a beginner guitar is to keep your tone and cleanliness in mind with that guitarist. Most people pick the first guitar they pick just to see if they can pick good solid, warm tone. This is a very common mistake and a very bad choice. Tone is very hard to judge and we cannot rely on our ears. One of the best way to know if you picked a good guitar for a beginner is to compare it to an adult’s or a good player’s tone. This will allow you to tell very quickly if you picked a guitar well for a beginner or if you should go elsewhere. I highly recommend you learn a good technique so you get a sound you are comfortable with and can play all the way to the end.

If you are new to solid wood guitar you just want to learn a very simple and straightforward guitar that your good friends can play. Most of the great guitarists that are just starting have a guitar that they think looks and feels pretty good from photos but they are really not practicing it well. Their guitar plays too much like a Gibson ES-335 with no soul. In this article I list all the guitar brands I like to play and what makes them different.

Here are some of the guitars that I like that I am pretty sure will make a great beginner guitar.


I like Gibson. I’ve had so many of these Les Paul’s. They are not expensive but for all the money you get they are a step down from a solid body, good for most people as long as you take good care of them. You don’t want the Gibson to be worn out and need replacing. On guitar repair you might be able to fix some of that with tools but not with a $40 Strat. I have also got a Gibson G13 which is another good option but this one also looks and plays better than some of the others that I could name here. So, if you have an ES-335 or a 335 and feel like it is not getting the best tone from your guitar, try a G13.

Gibson has a wide range of different styles that makes it tough to know which one is best for your style. But they have this new “Classic Collection” which is just a really gorgeous looking guitar. If this is your first Gibson you probably need to go with a solid body. They’ve got a decent selection of guitars but I think I have found my new favorite guitar for that very reason.

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