How do I learn guitar chords? – Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

Once you begin to think seriously about studying guitar, there are some essential things to understand first – just because you can play a tune is no guarantee you will know how to play a particular chord. Even if you can play a tune, it does not automatically mean you will know how to use that chord.

If we’re being honest, if we were to begin any major project, we would probably start from a chord chart. After all, if we’re looking for a melody, we’d want something that sounded like the tune. Unfortunately, that is the wrong first step in learning music theory. In fact, for some reason, chord charts don’t actually help us much – but then nobody told me. Learning theory takes time, patience, skill, and good listening ears.

If you want to get rid of your anxiety about knowing how to play a tune, learn chord progressions first, then move on to fret-shaping, strumming, and chord tones. If you like guitar, the first two are relatively minor and you can still learn the more complex fingerings. If you prefer playing live, you can even improvise or play some music with only the guitar.

What’s your next big project?

In my new book, Guitar Theory For Dummies , I’m talking about how to improvise, which can also be applied to learning music theory. When you’re finally ready to make a move, take the opportunity to find the right chord progression and the right chord tones. By the way, you can get my book for only $9 , even when you buy 10 or more. It’s available wherever books are sold, including your local Barnes and Noble.

Here at Guitar Lessons, we think you’re going to enjoy these new lessons on playing music theory , as well as tips to study music theory right this minute with only your guitar. You can read my other online lessons for guitar and learn how to study music theory for free.

For more information on studying music theory, check out this free online lesson on studying music theory.

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