How do I choose my first guitar? – Learn Guitar App Reddit

That depends upon how you want to look at your music. If you’re into rock and metal (or maybe just want one of those retro guitars with a cool pickguard), you probably want a vintage model. If your main purpose is playing jazz on the weekends, you might want a digital model.

And if your main purpose is doing more classical stuff with your guitar- but really you’re just trying to use your guitar for what it’s really good for, then by all means, go for the digital models!

As for choosing the best vintage guitar for each of these purposes, a few things will come to mind:

How to get the most out of the guitar’s sound

What kind of music you want to play (if applicable)

Who the person holding the guitar is, and their experience with playing music

What are the guitar’s features?

How loud is the guitar?

How sharp and snappy do you want the tone?

The best guitars for all these purposes depend on who you’re playing with, and how much you want to invest into the guitar’s musical merits.

In my opinion, a good guitar should have at least a few features of the best guitars of today, and be capable of playing almost any style of music.

In order to evaluate the quality of a guitar, you might want to go and audition the guitar before you buy it. If you have the money and can swing it, have a go, to see if the guitar will be an investment in your instrument’s future.

But if you have to go it alone and you don’t want to mess around with the guitar, then do what I do – start in on the list of features and get a list of possible guitar models to check and see which you like best in the end.

When you get a guitar, there are two basic types of guitar-

The standard-model electric guitar, which is the one you have seen on TV or in the movies, or probably have in your dad’s drawer.

A digital model, which is a more expensive model, and is probably better for classical music. The latter type has several options for sound, depending upon what you want to play.

In this post I will give you a sample of which type to try out and which to go for, and how to decide which you like best.

Choosing the best digital guitar

You’re probably asking yourself,

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