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Most professional guitar lessons in Australia are taught by professionals and available for free. You cannot afford to miss out on valuable lessons that will help you learn and increase your playing. The cost of practicing is much cheaper.

I have recently started playing guitar. What should I study and practise?

There is a large variety of guitar lessons for beginners that are offered, from beginner to advanced. Many of the guitar lessons are available as part of The Guitar Store on our website and these are offered under a monthly subscription deal.

If you are just getting started and want to build experience and build a confidence, there is no better way to do that than to enroll in one of our private tuition packages. You can access the lessons here.

I have recently bought a new guitar, which style should I buy?

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A guitar that is good for guitar playing can be any tone you like. If this is what you prefer to play, then we will fit your guitar together with one or more custom guitar parts and tailor it to match your playing style, style and playing style.

We have a variety of guitars available for all ages, many with custom painted paintwork or other customised features that really make the guitar unique from every other guitar available. There is a guitar style for everybody. Choose from blues, jazz, metal, pop, blues rock, hard rock, and country. All of these styles can be played with your guitar. You can also mix and match any of our guitars, or customise your guitar parts to fit any kind of guitar style.

Which guitar style should I buy?

Guitar tone can vary from one person to another. Some guitarists may prefer to play a brighter, smoother tone than others. Some guitarists like to play bright guitars and some love to play dark/loud guitars. Different guitarists will have different preferences on their guitar tone. Choosing the right guitar for you will not only improve the way you play but also the tone you hear and the way you feel.

The right guitar tone comes from three factors: body design, fretboard layout, and string choices, all of which affect sound. We have created a few guitar parts to help you customise your tone in order to make everything else sound better. We also have string charts so you can find the right string for you.

What about other instruments or other instruments that have similar tone sounds that can be played with a different guitar layout.

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