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I have learned so much, it feels like I’ve just learned how to play the same songs over and over again. My guitar is the same, so why mess with that?

There are so many things that the guitar doesn’t do – other than just a little bit. One thing it does really well, and that’s playing the melody. I don’t know what’s going on in the mind of the songwriter. I think when people are writing songs for themselves – and I know there are some people who are – the thing is, the first thing that you have to do is find a melody without thinking about the lyrics. It’s one of the trickiest things in music. Maybe if you can write something that’s catchy without making your words hard to pronounce. Then it becomes easy. I think it takes the most time, but it’s worth the time.

You must have spent a lot (laughs) getting into different styles of music?

It was all the music I heard in the street, that’s all that’s left to me. I heard everything, but it was so difficult to choose… I had to listen to everything to make an aesthetic sense the music has to be easy on the ear, but it has to have a kind of elegance.

In the studio – do you go to a lot of jazz studios?

I go to more stuff that is experimental… to the way that people talk about music. Everything you think of as conventional is kind of an abstraction, like playing it, to listen to it, or to play it. You only hear it now; it’s not there for another five years. I don’t want that. There are also bands that work in the way that sounds right or sounds like art, but I can see the differences. If every band sounds like they’re playing in a record factory, no one will make more than the average person will. The reason is because every band has something new.

What are you listening to these days?

I don’t listen to any more – I got used to everything, too long, and I don’t want to listen. I’m not really into what’s trendy nowadays; the same bands do sound different than what you would want to hear.

How has your experience recording and playing music in the studio helped your music?

The recording process really helped me. When I recorded this recording with my father in my studio, he kept the tape. After about ten songs

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