Can you really learn to play guitar online? – Must Learn Fingerstyle Guitar Songs

A: Yes, all that is online, it’s in your computer, and the only thing it takes is a laptop, computer of a minimum (i.e. it’s just a computer, or there are no software or apps, which means a computer) and a desire!

Q: Can you teach me how to do some things on my own?

A: Definitely, but not without a teacher or a teacher who knows how to do this. I do it by myself but also have help from friends.

Q: Could a guitar teacher really teach me to play guitar or guitar lessons, how would I do that?

A: Well, I’m always learning new things on my own so I can’t tell you how easy or difficult it is, but if I can, you’re in good hands. I can be on YouTube every night, and I don’t know if it’s a good idea to teach guitar at the moment or not (you know why, I have a lot on my mind already – please don’t complain if it’s a bit harder now – it’s a good thing).

Q: Could this really happen?

A: What I like most is when I get in touch with people who already know a lot more than I do and can help me, especially since my main goal in life is just to play guitar, so it makes me really happy when they do that.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with if you could collaborate with anyone?

A: It could be anyone from the electronic music scene – it doesn’t matter which artists you will get in mind, it’s just that they will be like “yes! That’s me!” I’ve played with a lot of amazing musicians over the years and I am always thankful that we had the good fortune to get along really well – so you know we would love to collaborate.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

A: Of course! I just started playing guitar and it seems like the more I learn the more I appreciate everything. So I’m just going to keep learning, always!

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Thanks to Michael for the interview!

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