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There are many free guitar lessons online. But we recommend that you go to the best guitar lessons program of our timeā€”The Guitar Institute.

Who should I bring to a lesson?

Anybody, anywhere. You can bring along friends, or your spouse. We prefer that you bring along kids younger than 21 and young adults over 30. (If you’re in your 40s, or you’re thinking of going for the weekend, we recommend you check out the Kids Session option.)

Can I come to my lessons at my local public library? Do I have to stay on campus for the first lesson?

Yes. You will stay on campus until 5 p.m. If you can’t find us near your library, just come to the website and book to be there. You won’t have to leave campus because you’re on-site. We will be there, as you are, until the first lesson starts.

What is our recommended class level?

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