Who qualifies for a boiler grant? – Government Grants For Remodeling Your Home

The eligibility criteria for this grant are as follows:

New homes, new appliances, or renovations of existing homes

New construction or remodeling

The applicant should include an estimate of the estimated capital investments in the following categories:

Buildings: Roofs or construction, foundations, and floors

Stairs: Stairways, elevator, elevator shaft, and walkway

Siding/pipes: Roofing, insulation, and gutter lining

Basements: Basements, water pipes, electrical systems, and water mains

Water heaters: Water heaters, water storage tanks, and heating systems, including boiler

Water filtration: Water purification systems, filter buckets, water-source tanks, and pipes

Roofing: Roofing

Water heaters: Water heaters, water storage tanks, and heating systems, including boiler

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling: Kitchen and bathroom

Housekeeping and maintenance: Laundry, washing machines, and dryers

Plumbing: Main, showerhead, bathtub, and wall outlet

All appliances and accessories

These three categories can be combined to make the total of the capital investments more than the $100,000 threshold set in the program.

What are the eligibility requirements of this boiler grant?

The criteria for eligibility to receive a boiler grant are as follows:

Home that needs a new boiler.

The applicant should provide an estimated capital investment to install the required boiler.

The applicant should also provide an estimated date the boiler will be installed. Applicants must also provide an estimate of the hours of service to replace the boiler with a new one.

The applicant must also report their progress on a yearly basis, or a monthly basis, for the current year and all five years of the preceding five years.

The boiler grant will be awarded based on an aggregate calculation of the capital investments in each category listed in the grant application.

How do I apply?

To qualify for a boiler grant, you must submit the boiler grant application forms at the address below:

For New Homes

For Old Homes

For Construction

For Subdividing

For Reconstruction

For Installing an Existing Steam Turbine

For Installing an Existing Air Conditioner

For New Construction

For Replacement of a Water Heater

For Installation of

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