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(i.e. will you pay for a loan?)

In response to the recent controversy about one particular episode of “The Simpsons,” the internet’s favorite television show, this is a recap of the story of a young, bright and kind-hearted young man who was forced to endure a life of humiliation and indignity while, in the name of “family values,” his parents, a former school principal and parents of one of his classmates, made him take on a job that made him lose faith for the rest of his life. That episode, entitled “Lisa the Tree Hugger,” makes it absolutely clear just how profoundly sad and heartbreaking it was for the young man. To watch this was to realize just how much my life was different than the lives of many people, and in fact, how much I was “one of” them.

One of the best places to meet likeminded Christians

Founded in 2009, we are a community of over 100 dedicated Christians who share our Christian faith. We invite you to be part of a large family of Christians who share our faith; share a love of Christ for mankind in the form of Christ’s cross and death on the cross; and seek the good of God for mankind.

You will discover an environment where Christ and a Christian are one in the heart but are also often on different journey together.

Our ministry focuses more on the personal relationship with Christ rather than on worship and fellowship with other Christians. This allows you to get to know us closer in spirit than if we were just a community of congregations. A place to learn, to see and to become friends, our church is about Christ.

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The wife of ISIS’ most lethal killer has described how she has suffered three life-changing injuries which have destroyed her life.

Emma, who has previously worked at the Islamic State in Raqqa in Syria, has revealed the horrifying stories of the ‘brutal’ punishments she has endured.

The 21-year-old mum-of-three claims her attackers have hit her with a bat because of her husband’s religion.

Emma, who is not allowed to use her husband’s name because of the dangers involved, also reveals how she is kept in the dark about the atrocities happening outside of her marriage – the reasons for

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