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The USA grants aim to help young people to find a job through their volunteer role in the programme. These projects are open to young people who are under 25 years old, have a valid USA student ID card or other qualifying document. They may or may not have work experience. USA grants are to be made to the organisation’s registered entity (the student organisation or the organisation’s parent organisation) or a subsidiary. The organisation must be registered either in one of the United States’ three federal registration systems that are recognized by the US Secretary of State to process applications.

What is the difference between the program and the USA grants programme?

The USA grants programme is intended to make a strong contribution to the overall development of the USA. Projects can help create a more inclusive society, encourage cultural diversity, help developing countries promote economic participation and development at home and abroad, address human development challenges and serve those with disabilities.

What is the Youth Youth Work programme?

The Youth Youth Work programme aims to encourage young people to seek employment by providing them with job and education training. The activities may be provided in a professional or vocational context to young people who are under 25 years old and who do not have work experience or who have an education or training that does not involve labour, for example, at trade unions, universities or training schools. For the program’s activities there must be clear and demonstrable links to the USA programmes through a specific project, organisation or organization’s activities and/or through its educational objectives.

Who should be included as a beneficiary of the programme?

The project beneficiaries should meet most of the following criteria:
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They should have a valid USA student ID card or other qualifying document which meets the USA student visa requirements

How do I register for a USA grants programme project project?

If you have found a USA grant project project that appeals to you, then apply for it. There are two ways of registering for a USA grants project project. First, we recommend you apply during the programme season and if your application is successful you might be given funding to further the USA projects. Second, you can apply and then we will help you to submit the project documentation and an application for funding during the program season. If you are successful in the second way, you will be asked to complete a USA grants application form online.

How can I obtain your application form and the associated application packet?

If you are successful in the USA grants programme, you can follow these steps to download

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