What is the USA funding grant? – Government Grants For Home Repairs

The USA-funded project is aimed at developing and deploying scalable, secure, and robust blockchain networks at scale.

The project will be overseen by the USA-funded Steem Foundation Board of Directors.

Participating stakeholders

Steem-US is a non profit organisation founded by a group of Steemers to provide technical assistance, advice and mentorship to the project.


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It’s been quite a journey since we launched this new platform in May 2016 to give you the power to sell your favourite game in an easy to use online shop. Since then, we have worked hard to bring it to a whole new audience with an improved user interface and more.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy making sure it’s a fantastic place to find your favourite games on Steam. It’s our intention to make sure everything is super easy and fun to use. Now, it’s finally time to tell you all about what’s new on the website.

The Steam Store has changed a lot since we last released the site. We still love the idea behind it: to give customers complete control over the best deals on games so that they can make the best purchase they can.

A lot of the things on the ‘What’s New’ page will make your online shop experience easier for everyone. In particular, when you sign in you’ll also have access to a new feature which shows you what other customers are selling on your store. We’ve tried to keep these in line with the new Steam Store experience, which means you can now add

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