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The purpose of a grant is to achieve a particular outcome. If there are no outcomes there is no purpose. So, for example, if the purpose of a grant is to fund a particular work, no grant should be given to that purpose. No grant is required for a particular purpose.

Where grant recipients have been informed of their entitlement to use the funding, they will have the right to do so.

If the grant is for a particular purpose and the recipient is not informed of that, an exemption may be granted. The grant may need to be withdrawn, or it may be subject to conditions. (The conditions need to be approved by the committee.)

Some recipients will have been told that only certain projects will count towards their entitlement to support in the grant. In those cases, the only other option is to seek a written consent from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) which will specify which projects should be counted towards the particular purpose in the grant. In practice, BIS will usually tell the grant recipients to submit a written application in support of the other projects. In general it is best to contact BIS on these circumstances. The BIS guidance says:

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