What is the federal government grant? – Government Grants For Education Programs

It’s a funding tool to increase government resources for critical initiatives. It’s an offset to the cost of the program.

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What are the grants?

The federal government’s grants represent approximately 7% of the programs cost. They are intended to help fill gaps in a program when funding is difficult to obtain or when programs are underfunded. The grants are divided proportionally to each of the five major programs:

1. The Canadian Human Rights Act

2. The Canada Assistance Plan to Victims of Violence

3. Community Legal Centres (CLCs)

4. International Agreements

5. the National Network of Women’s Shelters (NNWSS)

The grants are made in the following budget years:




Where should I apply?

The applicant must live in British Columbia and meet the following criteria: The applicant must be living in British Columbia; The applicant must have received the federal grant to help with the costs of services for the year (if any); The application must meet these eligibility requirements: In order to be considered for the grant, an applicant must: If you have any questions regarding this grant, please call the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Service (see application instructions here)

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