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Grant is an opportunity from the Commonwealth Government to support community initiatives to meet public demand for clean water. Grants may be awarded for:

the production of household, community or community-based water systems;

assistance for the operation of water systems that can have low-flow toilets to address the need for improved sanitation.

The Clean Water Grant Scheme will make good use of resources, funding, and expertise of all levels of government.

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Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the release of our fourth Fantasy Flight Games product, the Advanced Starship Manual. This manual details the ship building rules of Advanced Starship Designs and will be the official “build your own” sourcebook for the Advanced Starship Designs game. As a special treat, we’re going to include two very cool bonus components.

Fantasy Flight Games will be offering a free copy of the manual for every copy of Advanced Starship Designs ordered!

First, Fantasy Flight Games offers a special set of game components. As a thank you for your purchase of the advanced starship manual you can order the following two bonus components.

Fantasy Flight Games will be offering a free version of the Advanced Starship Design rules set. When you order Advanced Starship Design Rules, the free rules set is included in your package. In addition, the rules are available for free download here. These rules will replace the existing Advanced Starship Design rules set released earlier this year.

Advanced Starship Design Rules

The Advanced Starship Design rules are now available:

Click here to get the Rules

This new version of the Advanced Starship Design rules will replace the previous edition of the rules. These rules will be compatible with the existing game.

We will be sending out a PDF copy of the rules in the next couple of days for free download.

Once we get feedback from the community, we will be releasing full set of rule examples for all ship classes.

We have received very positive response from the Star Trek fans and we are excited to share the Star Trek RPG with the community. The current game edition has been running great so far and the feedback we have received from both the Star Trek fans and the community has been positive and positive.

There’s a lot of good stuff in the Advanced Starship Design Rules so far. Let us know what you think and let us know what you think will change in the next edition. We are excited to share this with the community for you to

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