What is a grant and how does it work? – Grants Gov Registration Checklist

Grant funds are a way for the City to pay for work that is already undertaken or that may be undertaken that is currently under-funded in the City budget. Each grant will cover a specific project. The City is responsible for all funds, including those from community gardens and other non-municipal sources.

Can the City ask for additional money through community gardens?

Although the City does not generally ask for additional money through community gardens, the City is free to ask for the required funding to cover existing needs of the project. City staff is encouraged to inquire into this matter to provide a detailed estimate of the costs and expenses associated with the project.

What is the “Project Description” page?

The Project Description page provides City staff with a detailed description of the project. The project may include a proposal from the community. The Community Garden Project may include a number of projects that include a number of different projects. When City staff are unable to provide funding for one project but are still able to provide funding for another project (for example, the City may need funds to build or extend a community garden), the project description will provide a link to the Community Garden Project that it is currently funding.

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Is the City asking for money for the same project I am asking for funding for?

No. The City is requesting funds from the Community Garden Project specifically for the project you are making requests for funds for. Each community garden receives different amounts of funding from the Community Garden Project each year or every two years in the course of their implementation. If funding for another project is needed for that community garden, the Community Garden Project staff will make an effort to include that project in the project request.

Does the Community Garden Project have a specific budget?

No, as the Community Garden Project is voluntary and funded based on local needs.

Do I pay for the Community Garden Project costs?

The Community Garden Project is free to use. The Community Garden Project is funded from City discretionary funds in the same manner as any other discretionary City program. You are responsible for covering costs associated with the project.

How does the City determine which project will need the most funds?

The Community Garden Project staff makes specific request to the Community Gardens to determine which projects are most in need of funds, based on the total number of gardens and acres that may be impacted. The Community Garden Project staff then makes an accurate determination of the amount of the project that is most in need and, with the

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