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Grants from the Department of Health for graduate training in medicine at the University of Toronto or the Health Sciences Research Council of Canada (HSC) to enable medical students who are enrolled in medicine in Canada to take advanced courses in other disciplines are called graduate training programs. Most medical schools and medical schools accredited by the accrediting bodies of Canada’s provinces and territories fund these programs for medical students.

To be eligible, the recipient must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident at the time the student arrives at the medical school and must have been registered with the medical school for an equivalent period of time. In all cases, the maximum residency time permitted for any recipient is one year at the medical school. Graduates do not need to be residents, provided that, from the date of graduation, they continue to maintain full-time education in another discipline.

I am starting a program to create a new program from scratch, for instance a new command line interpreter, or an emulator which will run old binaries on new machines.

I have a pretty simple program using only the POSIX shell. The program is a little hard to use and its a little bit outdated. Can you guys help me out ? I am having an issue with a couple of things that I cannot see how to fix.

Any help would be great to have.

My Problem

The problem I’m having is with an external command. I installed a bash script on my machine – it just ran the program – the problem is that the program was in the PATH environment variable – for some reason the path was being passed in. The interpreter, run by the Bash script, gets run as if it’s a shell script so the interpreter does not get properly added to the PATH.

How can I tell what the actual path is ?

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