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A cost reimbursement grant is a reimbursement to the applicant from the Department of Healthcare and Social Services (HHS) for a service or expense of more than the cost of the health care provided by the recipient.

Generally, reimbursement can be used for any type of service or expense, provided that:

the service or expense is needed or expected by an individual and is not paid for by general or emergency appropriations of the federal government or funds provided by any state or local government; however, when the service is funded by a Medicaid program, the HHS has to be notified; and the service/expense is related in some way to the health care provided by the recipient.

Types of cost reimbursement grants include, but are not limited to:

Emergency Medical Services;

Medical and dental costs:

For inpatient or emergency care, the cost reimbursement grant is the cost reimbursement that the emergency medical services are billed for, by the appropriate medical group under contract for use of the hospital, in a particular hospital in a specific district.

The health or other service is not reimbursable to the individual (which is sometimes referred to as a “co-payment”) in the event that the service or expense is paid for out-of-pocket and reimbursable by the taxpayer in order to defray the cost to the taxpayer for the service.

For example, if a cancer patient undergoes a colonoscopy and requires the procedure, it is reasonable to assume that the hospital hospital will charge the patient for the cost of the colonoscopy, but will not be reimbursing the doctor for the procedure. But what if that patient is required by law to pay the cost of the surgical procedure for which the hospital is reimbursing the operation center?

In this situation, the government does not assume responsibility for the cost of the procedure and would then have no reason to reimburse the service organization for the amount the patient is expected to pay under the law.
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Examples of other reimbursement sources include:

In-person/over-the-counter medicines (e.g., vitamins);

Out-of-Pocket (OHIP) insurance; and

Drugs and devices sold in the market place (i.e., at drugstores, in hospitals, at pharmacies, in some public health facilities).

How to Apply?

To qualify for this grant, you must be unable to pay for health care. You must, in addition, be able to

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