What is a cost reimbursement grant? – Federal Grants For Covid 19 College Students

A cost reimbursement grant is a grant made by a state or local government that is given to nonprofit private sector organizations to help with health care costs. You will need to show your support and receive approval from your local health authority to receive one.

If you are a registered non-profit organization, you must submit your application to the Health Services Cost Assessment Coordination Council, which administers the grant program.

What can your organization do with this grant?

A cost reimbursement grant is an opportunity for an organization to work towards its own health and wellness goals in a cost effective way. For example, your organization could develop a plan to assist residents of your community who are at risk of substance use or mental health problems.

What do I need to apply for a cost reimbursement grant?

To apply for a cost reimbursement grant you must have a non-profit business or non-profit organization and at least half your staff working together. You must also have an appropriate proposal to demonstrate your ability to meet these goals.

Include in your application any additional funding you need.

What are the requirements for a cost reimbursement grant?

You must apply to your local health authority for a grant, and your grant will not be issued until you have completed an application process and received approval from your local health authority.

When do I need to submit my application?

You must complete and submit your proposal, which should include a summary of the program you offer and key plan features, by May 1 for all programs that grant will be awarded.

How will my application be evaluated?

Your evaluation will involve a full process of reviews, research, and an evaluation of the cost, services and impact of your proposed health, wellness, or development program.

Will my application be reviewed as a cost reimbursement grant application?

In order to receive the best value for your grant, you may be subject to a review for costs. This process entails contacting the grant recipient for information concerning the proposed review and evaluation.

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