What is a CIF grant? – Small Business Grants For Felons

The grant is offered to people based in Australia to study in a number of countries. Each grant lasts 4 years.

The grant may be used to fund a range of short stays on an international basis, including for study and training, or for travel, as well as to fund a single journey on the train, plane or ferry.

Can I apply for a visa?

You may be able to apply for a visa on-board the ship. Before you apply you should check if you are eligible under your visa. Read our visa requirements for visa and visa waiver entry requirements.

Why does the government fund my study visa?

Under AIFS there are three pathways:

Study AIFS or AIFS+ Study AIFS+ or AIFS Study AIFS+ and visa to Australia

Study visa

To qualify for a Study visa you must be approved for your degree by your approved Australian Higher Education institution.

You may have to work in Australia to qualify for a Study visa. You might be required to live on board for a period before you are approved for one of the three pathways.

How many travel documents are required before I can apply for an AIFS+ or AIFS study visa?

You must have valid travel documents of your own country of nationality, your own state, and of the country you wish to go to. You may provide one document if you are not travelling on a study visa. A valid passport is required in addition to passport and visa application forms.

The forms you must use are the AIFS visa application form (PDF, 37kb) and the Study visa application form (PDF, 36kb).

I have travelled to Australia by air and am now applying for an AIFS+ or AIFS study visa. Can I change my visa to AIFS?

No-one is required to change their visa to AIFS. If you decide to travel to Australia by air and have already applied for an AIFS visa, then you qualify for an AIFS+ study visa.

How long does the visa last?

A visa lasts for a maximum of 6 years, depending on where you live. If you are applying for a visa to study in Australia you must have an Australian tertiary education degree.

What is a study visa for?

The visa category of study visa is study to study (SATR).

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