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CIF grants are for projects that are part of the CIF umbrella initiative which includes the Council on Interior Design and Building Standards, the Center for the Architectural Arts and Sciences, and the Committee for the Design of the New City and the National Architecture Teachers’ Association (NAATSA).

For each grant request, CIF members have to agree for each and every project.

Once approved, each project needs to be paid $35,000 in total (including the design grant). CIF members, after signing the contract, may then pay any remaining funds into their CIF grant account.

What CIF programs do I qualify for?

The following grants are available under the “CIF Program” heading.

CIF Core Programs (includes New Urbanism and Urban Design Programs)

CIF Core Program Grant Program (includes New Urbanism and Urban Design Programs)

CIF-funded projects that focus on housing, health, safety, sustainability, urban agriculture, the environment, or a variety of other core topics

CIF-funded work can be in many types: architecture, architecture practice, planning practice (non-residential), design, land use, research, planning and design (recreational), design education, performance practice, community development, public art or public art management, public culture, public facilities, sustainable development, urban development, public policy, community development, urban public health, transportation, design (transportation design)

CIF Core Programs

New Urbanist

Urban Design-based project designed to advance knowledge, facilitate civic engagement, and promote urban improvement projects to strengthen the resilience of the urban environment

Tighten neighborhood and commercial corridors, create urban gardens, and improve pedestrian safety and quality of life in high density urban environments

Provide public access to parks for outdoor recreation by building community facilities that promote a sustainable community by creating opportunities for residents to experience new outdoor spaces and to exercise or exercise their core physical and mental attributes at public facilities

New Urbanist projects can involve public-private projects, partnerships, and infrastructure improvements in which existing urban infrastructure is rebuilt

Urban Design-based projects can also be used to support the creation of special districts, to support the redevelopment of abandoned urban properties, or to reduce the burden of blight

Urban Design-based projects that focus on sustainable design practices and the environmental quality of neighborhoods, including the design of urban agriculture and green space

Urban Design-based projects that focus

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