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A grant.

And a grant is a gift — not a loan — because it’s a private, public deed and the grantees have the legal right to dispose of the grant as they see fit, subject to any law or regulation. The idea that a grantee may use it, however, goes back a long way in America; indeed, it is part of the Constitution, which has been interpreted to permit any type of grant of land or property.

Grant grant. I was about to give out my first Grant of Grant, but didn’t want to wait two centuries until I finished a school term. “No Grant,” I shouted, “not for you!” The others laughed. “I’d like to go to school when you are done.” The man turned and moved out into the street, but we stood staring at each other for a moment more.

A friend of mine was recently given the gift of a very small business. Like many businesses, the business was in need of money — $10,000, to be exact — but it had not been able to raise that amount. He needed the $10K to pay for gas, payroll, utilities and so on. So he went to the bank to deposit the check. The deposit was returned that evening with a big, red receipt. He was stunned. He had done all the hard work of applying for the business loan and putting together the cash, then had to go back and put up the check as well! He decided then that he needed the cash. He had planned to do that in three days, but at last, when he had to go back to the bank for the check, he discovered that the $10K had already been made out so he had been sitting on the money for two days and had come down to $7,000. He got a little over upset.

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“Oh well,” he said. “I’ll just wait until I get some money.”

That is where the grant comes in. The money has already been deposited — it was returned with a red receipt — but the grantee is still out there in the streets, waiting to see whether his loan will be returned and not return. He did not have to leave town, but for the same reason a grantee does not have to pay interest. The thing that is most special about grants is that they tend to be relatively small — you can take out five $100 grants and use them all to support your business for $50,000.

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