What do you call someone who gives a grant? – Government Giving Money To Homeowners

You say they give the money to some group. Well, I give one million a year just to encourage you that when you have a problem in the community or when any other community is coming in, that if you give us the money we can fix it. That’s called a charitable-type of grant, not a philanthropic or philanthropic type of grant.

In my case I have a grant to develop a project that would eliminate unemployment in a community. I can only do it when I have 50 percent of the community involved in it. And I think the only way we’ll get there is this way. So I’m not just giving grants to some groups to help them make progress. If I want us to get to 50 percent, I have to do it themselves.

When you say you have a charitable grant, do you mean a grant in the sense of putting out a check or a grant to a charity for what you consider their work?

A grant in the sense of a check or a gift has nothing to do with it. You know, a charity can give an award to a person for a particular work. In my case I called my charity and said, “We’ll do this job. You give us the money for the job. And we’ll build the houses for the poor people.” And it’s my responsibility to do that. So that’s my grant, too. But what I mean by a charitable-type of grant means giving the money, which is something that we are capable of doing in a small or big community.

Would you say that your grant is philanthropic or philanthropic in the sense of giving to an organization in order to help that organization with how it operates? You haven’t always been so explicit about that.
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You know, the way I look at it is, in the sense of a grant, this thing comes along and fixes a problem. And that’s how I look at it, not in terms of giving to some nonprofit organization. There’s nothing wrong with giving to a group. And some people call what I’m doing charitable. When it comes to charities, what I’m doing might be philanthropic, but again, you have to know how to do it. People call it charitable, but if you want to do it the right way, you have to know how to do it. I call it charity when it comes to getting this stuff out to the community before it’s too late. That’s the way I think of it.

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