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Grant: grants and funds which meet 1 of the following criteria:

The grant must be eligible to receive funds, and must have a legal or equitable interest in the matter being dealt with;

No more than 6% of the total expenditure on the grant can be spent on research activities in the UK, unless it is a grant to fund the use of facilities outside the UK that meet national or international standards;

No less than 7% of the total expenditure on the grant can be spent on research activities in the UK, except where the recipient of the grant has a substantial international reputation for excellence in research with the UK and any further international reputation is not likely to be gained by doing research in the UK;

The grant should be at least £30,000. These criteria can only be met if a grant or fund is exempt from the CAP, the grants system and will not be awarded a grant.

How do recipients apply for grants?

You must apply with the relevant local government authority for each proposed project.
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Your application must include:

The name of the proposed project;

Your proposal, which is for the next 10 years

The proposed location for the project in terms of a geographic area on the basis of a plan which is likely to benefit the people concerned; and

Details of any other relevant information which you consider relevant and that you consider relevant to the proposals, such as:

A list of any relevant research centres or companies which might be interested in the research; and

A description of the project and the potential benefits to the people concerned;

Links to relevant information and advice relating to the research;

The proposal summary

The grant agreement, which outlines the conditions on which funding is available

Detailed descriptions of the project and the potential benefits to be achieved, together with supporting references, should be included in the grant agreement.

When applying for a grant you must show an interest in research as stated in the CAP policy.

To demonstrate an interest for a project you must:

Give clear details of how the research would benefit people, such as the benefits to the area and community, and whether there would be any alternative methods to achieve these benefits.

Use your own expertise, professional experience and experience, and those of previous groups and organisations to support the development of the project.

Use your specialist knowledge, research experience and experience to help design and carry out the project.


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