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What are the types of grants?

Funding is provided solely by the individual granting entity. In some cases, a community is responsible for its own grant. For other funding, each local government is reimbursed by the grantee (usually by state or federal government). Some grants may provide for additional program or activity assistance or funding for specific projects from a specific project or activity center (PACE).

Types of Grants

The funding mechanism can vary based on the type of organization to which you apply. While the funding will usually support the specific grant requests of each grantee, these grants can sometimes differ from each other to ensure the most effective and efficient use of the funding.

Grantees in the grantee community are limited in the types of grants they can obtain and which funding mechanisms they may utilize if they have different priorities. The specific types of financial assistance available to the grantee community can vary depending on funding available from state or federal government for specific programs.

Funding for the purpose of providing public-private partnerships (P3) (sometimes called “civic infrastructure”).

This type of grant provides grants to create, develop, and administer facilities and programs that build economic development, public safety, or environmental quality or conserve natural resources. Projects are designed to help local governments meet critical needs in the community. Examples of P3s might be school facilities or municipal buildings that provide access to vital services on a regular basis. Examples of projects are also being provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), other federal agencies, and other entities.

The money raised can then be used to improve a project or program. For example, public-private partnership money can be used to replace an old building with new school equipment.

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Projects-Based Funding

The most common type of Federal grant funding for P2P projects can be funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Projects-Based Funding (P2P) is a program that requires a small percentage of projects based on specific needs. Projects are identified based on a number of criteria, including location, type and duration, and expected impact. It allows for increased involvement of community organizations in the project. Funding for P2P is often based on a “design-build” process, where projects typically begin with specific design concepts. These ideas are then refined in an effort to establish projects that meet federal requirements

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