What are the 2 types of grant in aid? – Federal Government Grants Department Washington Dc

There are two types of grant in aid: short-term work assistance and long-term work assistance.

Shortterm assistance is a grant of up to two months’ salary. This is available to unemployed people who have been looking for a job and cannot find one and whose circumstances prevent them from returning to work. It is also available to unemployed people with no other income or a low income and can be used to help them look for and find work.

Long-term work assistance is a grant of up to three months’ salary, for example to trainees who have been trained for the first time and not yet completed their training. The maximum duration of the service provided is two months.

Income Related Work (IRW)

Are there specific work placements available for income-related benefit applicants?

Yes, income related work is available for applicants with particular needs, including certain people who need to find a new job in order to maintain or return to employment. These placements are based on a case study designed to identify the needs of people who are currently in a low-income position and are either unemployed or have only recently been out of work due to the fall in the amount of government support available to them. The case study may highlight opportunities to train in an employment-related occupation, to gain experience in an employment-related occupation, gain work experience, gain or retain employment, or gain employment skills that are needed to support them in return for jobseeker’s allowance.

Income Related Work Programme (IRW) Work Placements

What are the requirements to enter income related work?

To qualify for the income related work programme, an applicant will need to meet the following criteria:

have a current income of less than £28,850 per year.

be a UK national or a citizen of a country that was a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) or EFTA or has an agreement under the terms of the UK-EESA Free Trade Agreement (Efta). For information about the criteria for this programme, see What is income related work?

have shown competence in an occupation that is likely to be relevant to support their jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) work.

a minimum income of £21,800 to maintain or increase their employment and living costs or to support their family as required by social security law. If your income is less than £21,800, you should consider whether your needs are

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