What are project grants? – Government Help For Small Businesses Australia

Project grants are a way that non-profits and community groups can assist with projects that are in the public interest or at the community’s disposal.

Grant applications will always be reviewed with the grant manager’s full attention.

How does a project benefit from a Project Grant?

The benefit of a project grants is that it helps bring together an array of people and groups for the purpose of improving the community. This includes those who are in the field (teachers, nurses, social workers, health/fitness organizations, lawyers, volunteers, etc.), those who can provide expertise to improve the project itself (business owners, developers, architects, consultants, etc.) and those who can participate as consultants to the project, providing feedback and expertise regarding project strategy, project implementation and delivery. For example: a local business owner could help a city and county government plan ahead for building and staffing a new public playground.

What projects need help this fiscal year?

For projects where the project impacts more than $500,000 in real or immediate economic activity in the city, a staff report and application for a Project Grant will be completed and a funding agreement will be established. Any grant funds that have already been provided will continue to be available. (This applies to all requests from 2013 through the present and requires the project to address both immediate and long-term impact.)

Where does the money go?

Project Grant funds are provided under a three-part grant process. The first step consists of an application process on a voluntary basis; the second step involves the review and approval of a staff report; and the third step involves submitting the application to the grant manager. The project manager will respond with a response letter within 60 days of receipt of one of the approved applications, with the final decision made within six to fourteen months of receipt.

How did we get here?

The grants program began in 1994 and was initially used by local non-profits. Today, almost 1,000 grantees are awarded to projects throughout the city and county of Seattle.

What’s the difference between a City of Seattle Project Grant and a Grant from an out-of-state grant?

Grantees receiving City of Seattle grants do not have to worry about how their grant will impact their local tax base, since the grantee is a city agency and the project they are eligible to receive is local. However, a grantee working under state grant regulations will be required to make a formal statement about the impact

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