What are local grants?

Local grants consist of a fixed amount, based on the cost of the project to the city, and an amount each participant must pay in cash or a form of grant or incentive. We’ll show you how to calculate local grants to help you understand how effective your local grants are.

How to Get the Right Grant!

You have so many local grants on you, why not use those to your advantage? The best way to find grants is to ask your neighbors how they use them.

This can be a lot harder than it looks at first. Your neighbors likely have dozens of grants, or you might not even realize you even do!

So, there is no “right” way to use your local grants – so, instead of trying to guess what you can get, try to use them to help you improve your community. Use the local grants in a way that will help improve the lives of others. The more we use local grants, the more effective they will be.

So what happens to my local grants in the year you close your business?

You can keep all the grants you earned, or you can transfer the grants from your business to a project of your choice.

Transferring the grants is free to your city, state, or federal government, or you can donate the money to one of our partners to help them improve their communities. If you want the grants to go to a nonprofit group, you can donate the money to them.

CCF sets free grant account/application training for locals ...
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What types of grants are there!

Which types of grants pay what money?

Can I use Local Grants to improve my own neighborhood?

Local Grant FAQs

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