What are discretionary grants? – Australian Government Guaranteed Loans For Small Business

Discretionary grants are those awarded to organizations and governments to fund projects that can improve society. Grants vary in size and may include grants awarded to individuals, corporations, unions, and non-governmental organizations (NGs). In recent years, discretionary grants include some of the largest public sector (PSS) program grants, like the Canada Student Grant (CSG), and some smaller programs such as funding, equipment, infrastructure, and equipment renewal.

What information do I need to apply for a discretionary grant?

You must submit an application to a non-profit or public authority. You may need your business name and address so the organization can verify the eligibility of applicants. The application will be sent to these organizations. The organization may require the information you provide to prove that you are eligible for the grant.

Are there forms I need to submit?

Yes! We ask all organizations to provide the Application for Subsidized Grants (PDF) and/or the Application for Non-Subsidized Grants (PDF) form along with their general operating grant and administrative and tax declaration.

When do I file my application?

The application is filed with the Agency as its final step. If approved, your information will be used for our administrative evaluation and then a grant application will start to be submitted. During your evaluation and filing, it is also essential that you check that, as per the guidelines in Part G of the Financial Administration Act, you have the necessary assets (in this case, company-owned or government-sponsored).

Do I need to apply at all, instead of waiting for the final grant decision?

We encourage everyone to apply from the time they first learn that they are eligible. However, if you do not apply, you will not be eligible for discretionary grants and may not be eligible for any future grants. We urge all applicants to apply before the date you wish to receive your grant.

When do we need my information?

You must submit your application to us before the grant decision is made. Before an application is submitted, you should have submitted all of the following documents with your application: your application fee (in US dollars)

payable and non-payable receipts (such as paywalls and bank statements)

a written proposal outlining the proposed project and any supporting documents (such as budget, operating budget, etc.) and your operating plan and financial plan and plans for financing

The final grant decision is expected to be made

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