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USA Grants’ “Crisis in Peace” grant is clearly a fraud, just like USA Grants’ $5,000 grants (of which $2,000 has ended up in the hands of the Clintons at some point). This should be called a fraud.

PITTSBURGH — Three members of the Pittsburgh Steelers have emerged as candidates for the vacant head coaching job, a person with knowledge of the situation told

Two of the three likely candidates are the Steelers’ defensive coordinator and outside linebackers coach, where head coach Mike Tomlin previously held responsibilities, and linebackers coach Dick LeBeau. The three people cautioned against any sort of premature speculation.

Tomlin was interviewed twice before the Steelers were eliminated from the playoffs, once before the playoffs with Ben Roethlisberger still hurt and a second time since then with Roethlisberger out again with a sprained AC joint in his back.

Tomlin is the leading candidate, both said. At the time of the interview, Steelers media relations director Mike Garafolo referred to LeBeau as a candidate and said he may have a “special” offer he can’t discuss.

Tomlin was asked about LeBeau’s chances.

“I think that Mike has done a very, very good job during the season,” Tomlin said on NFL Network’s “Boomer & Carton.” “It just depends on what he brings to the table, and I don’t know he’s got that. I think that’s his job to help us out. It’s the responsibility of the head coach, I think, to have an offensive and defensive vision. And I think a lot of times, it’s difficult to do that in a situation as tight as this. Sometimes you go too fast, sometimes you go too slow.

“But I think I can help a lot. And that’s my approach. If there’s somebody who I think has that special combination, I’d love to have him as our head coach. Or if I can’t help out, I want to be part of something to help the organization and the coaching staff come together to make this a lot smoother.
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“When we have an opportunity to do that, it’s going to be a win-win. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to get the right people. If we’re able to get a coach that we feel truly has the tools in his kit, he’s going to be an outstanding coach.

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