Is fafsa a grant? – State Government Grant Covid 19 Victoria

fafsa is a charity so i doubt they’ll accept fafsa’s charity status from fafsa.

The issue I’m really having is the fact that I’m talking about this in reference to my family. This isn’t something I would have even thought of coming up with on my own, you have no idea how important this is

For me and for my family.. it was not an easy call to make. But I also had my family’s support.

So yes, I hope that you understand that this doesn’t represent the majority position of the community. This is just the conclusion that has come to me.. it’s really a feeling of wanting to help those in need and to do so without any of the baggage that comes along with those thoughts..

And to all of you I know that I have no right to ask you to do anything about my situation.. but I also don’t really care if people think it’s not right. The point is.. we need to do something about the situation. It’s not a choice.. I just want it to be sorted out.

This is the only reason I’m speaking out on this.

Please keep me in your thoughts.

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