Is DHHS state or federal? – Small Business Grants Covid-19

No. DHHS is not an agency of any state, but the department acts as an agency of DHHS, a federal agency, with respect to health-related matters.

Do I need an insurance card if I’m a low/middle income?

It depends on your income. In general, low and middle income, non-disabled persons typically purchase health coverage in a private (non-group) market and pay only a few dollars out of pocket for coverage. While those persons may have a high cost per month in purchasing health care, because many low and middle income persons are insured by government or government sponsored group plans, the cost for some persons may be relatively modest, compared to other persons’ costs.

If you do not have a state-issued ID (ID card), you must ask DHHS if you would be eligible to receive one and receive a free (but not guaranteed) copy of a valid DHHS ID card or if you qualify for a free (but not guaranteed) DHHS health card and a free (but not guaranteed) health insurance card during the waiting period. Please contact DHHS at 1-800-427-7227 (voice) or 1-800-427-2915 (TTY).

Do I get a discount if I do not have a state-issued ID card?

No. You may find a health-care provider who, upon meeting your health-related needs, will not charge you more than usual for a provider referral. But please be aware that many employers that do not have an insurance plan will give you a health-care discount if you are on food stamps or Medicaid. So, please be aware that if you do not have an ID, there may be health-based discounts that may be limited during the waiting period.

If I do not have a state-issued ID, am I responsible for purchasing my own health coverage through my employer?

No. This option is available to persons with a valid driver license for personal use. If you do not have one on record with the DMV, you will need to call your employer and obtain a state issued driver license.

Is there a waiting period?

No. It is not required before you can enroll in your health insurance plan and it is not required to enroll in health coverage.

Can I get health care coverage after I’m enrolled in health care coverage?

Yes. If you are an employee at a public employer and, after July 1

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