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When you apply to DHHS for protection from a state or federal agency, you will be asked to describe yourself as male or female. (If you have multiple names on your ID, you will be asked to complete a separate application for each form of identification.)

Gender is determined when you answer one or more of the questions on your state-mandated identification form, and it may be different for other legal purposes such as housing or employment.

If you were born a certain gender but have transitioned to a new gender identity, you may not receive any benefits or social services for that change, or you may not be eligible to enroll in sex-segregated programs or to access services on a sex-segregated basis.

Does DHHS have more to say on this?

Yes. DHHS sent us this FAQ to clarify some areas from their FAQs. (We will add this list and additional questions as they are answered.)

Questions not answered:

Why DHHS is not in the same government as the state

Do I have to use their documents instead of those issued by a government agency?

What if I’m a juvenile and I choose not to use my ID to get a new ID?

If I have a Social Security card, I won’t get benefits, but I can apply for a new social security card

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How do I apply?

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