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If you are an individual seeking to renew a medical marijuana card, do you have to wait more than 30 days for any state agency to issue a new card?

If you are an organized health care organization (such as a medical marijuana dispensary, doctor’s office, or physician’s office) who wishes to issue a medical marijuana card within 30 days of receiving your application, how can we help you apply?

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Q : If I am a new card holder, will I still need to reapply from a previous ID card?

Yes. Each renewal application must be placed first in a state agency’s “Dont Reapply” directory, and then is submitted to any and all applicants, before a license is issued.

Q : What is the status of the medical marijuana program in New Hampshire and other states?

A : In Massachusetts, the Department of Public Health (DPH) operates a Medical Marijuana Program that offers qualifying patients access to marijuana to treat, chronic or debilitating pain. A summary of DPH’s program, including information about the different states to which patients may be able to obtain marijuana (including New Hampshire), may be found here . (Click here to download the DPH web site document containing a summary of the program and the full text for the individual pages of that summary.)

In addition, the state of Colorado, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice, is conducting an ongoing study examining the effects of medical marijuana for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions and diseases. Currently, Colorado’s study is examining the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana for the treatment of a range of diseases and disorders.

Q : What does it mean to be a “recipient,” for example, a person with a state-compliant medical marijuana card?

A : A recipient of medical marijuana is an individual who satisfies the medical use criteria of a state health care program in an amount and frequency that complies with the terms and conditions that state must impose on a patient in order that the use of medicinal marijuana by patients is allowed under that program.

Q : What is the medical use criteria of a state-compliant program, and how can I compare a particular state’s program to another?

A : The medical use criteria are generally as follows: 1. The program must maintain the state-mandated requirement that physicians perform a thorough physical and mental exam on each individual whose medical use is supported.

A. Medical Use Criteria


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