How long is a grant proposal?

A grant proposal (or proposal for non-conforming work) will typically take 8 weeks to complete. Your grant proposal will become eligible two weeks before the completion date.

Can we apply for the same grant if we have already published our work?

Yes, a single grant proposal can be for both publication of the work and the grant application.

Can we use a grant proposal to improve one of our publications?

If your application is for the same grant proposal, the proposal will apply for the same grant. However, you’ll then have a different grant application for each publication. This can cause administrative delays and will incur a $500 dollar administrative fee if you don’t get a grant to carry out the work.

Can I be charged for working at a conference and receiving grant money, even if that money has been paid already and I didn’t receive any of the grant funds?

Yes. The conference will automatically collect the grant award if you will be a full-time participant during that conference. You will not be charged for participating in that conference and will not be provided any funding for the conferences you attended.

Where is this money being paid?

The funds will be paid directly to the institution where your project is based, either in a lump sum or over a period of time. The award is typically paid in 3 installments:

The first of the three installments is paid in August 1, 2014. If your proposal will be received before the first of those installments, then you have the option to wait and complete your work before the second installment of the grant is issued.

The following deadlines apply to applications for both award and grant work:

The grant will be issued on February 15, 2015.

The grant application will have to be received by the institution on February 19, 2015.
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An extension period of up to 6 weeks is available for grants that have already been issued. A final deadline is April 19, 2015 (for grant applications that have already been approved and a final offer had been accepted).

When can I submit my application for a grant?

All applications must be completed no later than two weeks before your scheduled deadline. Any change to the deadline will be communicated by email.

Can I submit my application without a conference schedule?

You may not submit your application in the form of a conference schedule. This request can be accommodated when requested, however, to ensure that all institutions in any region will have