How long is a grant proposal? – Ggf Program

A proposal can apply for funding a minimum of five years. However, the period of time the grant proposal is open can increase.

In other words, the application can be accepted to support an additional two years of work.

Is it useful to apply more than once for a funding opportunity?

A maximum of up to five requests for funding will be accommodated in a budget year.

A proposal can be accepted up to 10 times in a budget year.

Will funding be extended if my proposals are accepted?

No. It is not a guarantee that funding will be retained in the future (for example, a proposal could be rejected due to changes in policy).

What do my rights if I have a disagreement?

It is important to read your proposal carefully so you understand the terms and conditions of your grant. There are a number of provisions which apply to proposals submitted in response to the National Health Interview Survey, but no provision specifically covers proposals sent in response to the NHS England Grant.

The grant conditions are very important! If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your proposal, you have rights:

You have the right to seek clarification

You have a right to appeal to the National Health Review Board (NHRB)

You have the right to seek clarification or appeal directly to the NHRB, who have the power to overturn an NHRB decision

You have the right of appeal before the grant’s application is closed (and should do so if you are unhappy with the outcome)

A full list of provisions and rules is provided in the NHRB and NHS England Grants guidelines.

What can I do if I have further queries?

You can contact our Grants Support Team:

Email the team

Call us 24/7 on 0844 345 8787

What happens with the grant?

You apply for the grant during the grant period:

For the grant to be payable, it is necessary that the grant amount is payable in the same currency as this letter is written.

The grant will be deposited into your NHS Health Account, which can be made available upon request to you.

The award is made from the NCHRP Award Fund: £634,054 was paid out in this year’s grant. We hope it will continue to be so in future years!

What are my rights if I am

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