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I know that there are more people with a degree in engineering than with a BS in engineering, but what are these grants for?

Why should I apply? The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Iowa is looking to find ways to build bridges, bridges that can support people, buildings, buildings that can give people what they need to live. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is also looking to find ways to give these projects life. We are looking for people whose talents are recognized or recognized by the government of New Hampshire, who are well situated enough to do this work and have their own idea and vision of how an engineered structure can contribute to our society, the state, and our society. We are looking for the new and the experienced, the motivated, and the skilled.

What I’m looking for: I will apply to any open positions from the faculty and research department that meet the following criteria: 1) an undergraduate student with a MS-level mechanical engineering degree in the area of engineering and design or MS-level mechanical/engineering engineering in the area of architecture and planning; 2) a non-profit organization is making major investment in this project (i.e., construction, engineering design, design of the project, etc.), or, 3) a public-private partnership is making major investment in this project or an institutional partner is making major investment in it.

What you do: You may design, build, or engineer a structure or structure components to improve the lives of low-income and otherwise disadvantaged people in New Hampshire by creating new opportunities for health, wellness, education, leisure, employment, financial stability, and mobility. Your skills and talents are in key need in the state of New Hampshire; we are looking for people who can help us. You should have basic mechanical design skills, as well as a good understanding of current New Hampshire building codes.

What you learn: Students participate in an intensive four-week, summer course, which includes onsite practical work, and research, in New Hampshire. This is an undergraduate program, and students are expected to be working full-time, at least part-time, and as a full-time student during the entire summer. Students gain an understanding of New Hampshire’s engineering ecosystem, including the needs and opportunities that exist throughout New Hampshire.

What I do: You will work on a research project or design, either by providing mechanical engineering design expertise or by assisting in research. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills and interests in the research area

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