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I don’t think I could write this grant with my hand in the cookie jar, but it’s not something any of us ever look at the grant proposal and say “we’re going to write a grant that’ll save money.” We only look at the grant proposal and say hey, this is a good idea for us to write now. It’s something we can work on later. There is often nothing to write about and there is even less to do in the grant process, but our whole life just hangs together, our whole lives are just thrown together and then we try to turn around and write it. It’s an amazing process, I just wish we had a more efficient way to do it.

Samantha: I think that’s where all the work is. It’s the one thing that the company has not done yet, they’ve hired a lot of people like that.

Michael: Right, for years I’ve been wondering why they haven’t had a lot of those conversations. I get asked that question all the time.

Samantha: They certainly have. People ask why.
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Michael: I don’t know. I’d like to know. I’m just guessing because we have no idea what they’re doing with their budgets.

Samantha: The only thing that I feel like we can say for sure is that because of our focus on the business, we’re taking a lot of things from other industries where we’ve been able to be more creative and get more creative ideas.

Michael: I think it’s nice because you can also be more creative with something that is more commercial. You can do it by working at a company that’s going to do a lot of things we are looking to do, while doing something else that doesn’t get as much of the attention and gets more attention than you.

Samantha: Yeah, absolutely. I think a lot of companies are very commercial when they are going to the bank or the state or some other entity. They get more of the money from being a public corporation, so they get to be more innovative and also have a lot less money to spend.

Michael: I totally agree. I think we definitely see that and it’s a reason that things like the Nifty Co-op are here in New York and why we have a lot of money to spend, because all of our business is so dependent on the Nifty Co-op. For us to be doing great things at Nifty,

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