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We write grant proposals that we feel will have a positive impact on the ecosystem. We want to support innovators and open-source developers that want to work within our ecosystem. There is no set deadline for grant proposals.

What are the grant proposals like?

The main objective of the proposal is to make the ecosystem more open, and to build an ecosystem of ecosystem-friendly technologies for blockchain/distributed ledger use. It should include an outline of the type of use case that would be the most useful for our ecosystem (and which use cases we would have a need for). We also aim to ensure that a well-defined grant proposal strategy is developed with our use cases in mind. However, the main goal is to try to get a good idea as to whether we could successfully fund a project with your proposal.

What is the process for submitting and revising a grant proposal?

We do have a standard, but not rigid, method of working together to work out where our funding priorities lie. A grant proposal will usually be written and rewritten to a draft in the last month of the grant proposal process. In general terms, we have a clear idea of where it has a good chance of being funded, while trying to maintain the original sense of the concept that makes the grant proposal useful to the community. We will meet for several meetings throughout the process to discuss and revise various aspects of the grant proposal. We try to include as much of the community in these process as possible, but there will still be a strong sense of deliberation from stakeholders and our team – because we all work out a lot of our own time and spend a lot of our own time together.

What happens after we receive a grant proposal?

We will then review the proposal and determine whether we want to fund it and what steps we will take to decide what the grant is intended to do. We will then send a summary, and a letter of support to interested open-source developers that are part of us. We also send back the grant proposal, along with the summary, to our grantee, as well as all interested companies that are part of the Open Foundation ecosystem.

What are the costs associated with the grant proposal process?
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If we receive a grant proposal we will first review it and try to work out where to send funding, as well as whether we can take out a deposit through a bank or other institutional entity. The funding we receive, usually around 5% to 10% of the

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