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Welcome to the first edition of the 2016 World’s Dumbest Names, or, the year that people decided that they knew as much about dogs as they did about their wives. And here we are, in 2016, already with a new record for the dumbest name ever.

With over 3.4 billion dog names, according to the website, it’s a pretty wide spread.

To compile our list, we consulted the list on PetPlanner, a website for pet parents. And while we’re impressed at its number, here are some names that didn’t make the cut and some that are more or less in the running, depending on how you look at them. (Scroll to the end of the list to see our picks for the dumbest names ever, and check out the whole list on the site.)


The most popular name of 2014? It’s a long shot: Barkley is the second-most popular dog name of the year and also the one with the largest population. Only the name Bella had more than that, which is nice. There is also a number of adorable versions of the name, including “Bella Bailey” and “Bella, Bailey.”


Brandy, from Boston’s Little Italy neighborhood, is one of the most popular names for dogs, but it’s no sure bet to be a top dog nickname. According to Posh Puppy, a website that collects lists of most popular puppy names, Brandie is in the top 10 with almost 500,000 registered owners.


The third most popular name, Benya is a favorite of puppies when their age doesn’t make much sense, Posh Puppy said. According to the website, Benya was a popular baby name for pups born in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and ’00s. They also have a video on YouTube titled “Benya Baby Names: The Official Guide to Baby Names from the ’60s” with some hilariously bad, terrible, wavy and terrible names.


Possible love child of BOB and BRANDIE, the Brian name is one of the least popular dog names in the world, according to PetPlanner. In total, only three boys and three girls are actually named Brian, yet it

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