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Most of our state and federal representatives are not really elected by the people. They are elected by corporate interests. In this sense they are not really elected by the people because the corporations rule.

So in order to fight these forces and build the needed movement to change government, it is necessary to form the largest organized and effective resistance against corporate power that it possible. Our strategy is to take the steps we do and we’ll see what we have to do. If we have to stop on an individual level and take action in the mass scale, it will always be a long-term movement that is not just limited to the streets. It’s always going to be a movement in the streets with an organized media arm and a wide range of activists supporting each other.

So how exactly did you get involved in organizing and then fighting? Is there anything specific you learned or found that helped you to fight?

I began going to activist groups after I joined the Army and had been to action groups at the local community college. I also read various articles on the internet about tactics that you could use as well as other ideas that I found on websites. During the course of my time in the Army I had also been to action groups at the local college, I had been to many of these groups and I just felt that this was something that I could try out.

So I joined my first group at our local community college, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). I had been interested in activism for a couple years as an antiwar activist but not having any practical experience, I had never taken any direct action. In fact I had only been arrested a couple of times for something as petty as refusing to leave the dorm when I was 15. I attended one SDS meeting and was very receptive and I really was very interested in participating in any kind of action that SDS was organizing. During that time I came into contact with other members of the group I was interested in most, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (BPP). The party was organized in 1969 under the Black Liberation Action Movement (BLAM), and had been around since the early sixties.

They were considered much more radical and much more radical in the late 1960s and early 70s than the Black Panthers was in the early sixties. They had a much younger membership, so they were very much on the cutting edge of issues and they had a reputation of being very radical and they did not really practice any type of revolutionary

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