How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Federal Government Grants For Women Owned Businesses

The number of free boiler grants are limited for each county and are based on:

The number of households,

The number of residents in your area who rent or purchase their home, and

The number of free water connections in your area.

You must apply in this way if you are claiming a free boiler grant or if you own or lease your home or land.

How do I get my free boiler grant?

You only need to do this once per household and we advise you to go back to the Department of Communications and Energy and report an error to correct them. It can take 1-2 working days to verify and update their figures.

If you do not make this application, the Department of Communications and Energy will only grant you a free boiler grant once an error is verified and the correct figure has been updated. Once this happens it will not be possible to apply to a boiler grant again.

You will be given a boiler grant receipt. We will not accept it until you have contacted them about your error in updating the figures.

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