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A government agency or department could award a grant to support your research, even if your research is not specifically related to immigration. In 2014, there were over 50 grants available in the US.

The grants can be used to help pay for transportation and accommodation, equipment, permits (including building permits, permits for commercial establishments or transportation permits), transportation and laboratory equipment, or to buy equipment. You should submit a complete application to your grant agency or department, as well as any supporting documentation you may need from other sources. A submission to agencies will not guarantee a grant award. Applications must be in writing, with a proposal including the following: a description of the proposed project and the anticipated costs; information on collaborators, co-investigators and potential co-investors; and your project budget and estimates. All applicants must include evidence that their application is in compliance with the requirements of this regulation. For more information about the Department’s programs and grants, visit the Department of State’s website at

How can I enter the United States?

An individual may enter the United States without a visa as an immigrant or a nonimmigrant (temporary worker). There are also some categories of individuals who may be subject to restrictions on their movement, namely: the individual under the age of 15, the individual described on page 5 of the Immigration and Nationality Act as a “child” or “child migrant” (see Appendix C, paragraph 5); an alien who: (1) has been previously admitted as a visitor, as a student or an exchange visitor, as described below; and (2) has not become a permanent resident.

The “child” or “child migrant” category of immigrants is limited to individuals who are a parent of, or are a child of, an alien to whom an order of deportation is imposed, are subject to an order of removal, or are in removal proceedings. The child or child migrant can also be an individual “engaged in an ongoing migration from a country or countries where such person was not lawfully admitted for permanent residence, or would not be a resident of such country or countries for purposes of any of the five categories of immigration authorized by the Immigration and Nationality Act.” This includes those who are in the United States without a visa, have not been admitted to the United States for permanent residence, or would not be included in the above categories of “nonimmigrants.”

How much does my research cost?

Some research projects are

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